Moby Grape - Never Lyrics

(R. Mosley)

Working from eleven
To seven every night
Ought to make life a drag
Now I know that ain't right.
Thinking 'bout those bad times
I wish you really knew,
How happy I would be
If I were living love with you

I've gone a long time
At best, I'm glad of that
I've been to see the best of fools
And I thought I had it pat
Know I love you, baby
I don't need no one else
Come love me, baby
Hear my crying

Can't you hear me?
Come on back, baby.
Bring your love on home
I'm needing you bad
And knowing I'm sad
Bring your love
Bring it on home
Cause I love you
Yeah, I love you

I need you, baby
Oh, can't you hear me, baby
I'm cryin'
I'm so all alone
I ain't got nobody here

It's so far
And so deep...

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